For almost three-decades, The Hawkins Company has been a leader in providing talent management and acquisition services to public and private organizations to ensure the recruitment, retention and advancement of highly effective senior executives. The majority of our searches are national in scope, and we have successfully completed over 700 searches and consulting assignments throughout the United States.  Although we maintain a large database of talented leaders from throughout the United States, our recruitment strategy is always tailored to the unique needs of our clients. We take great pride in our ability to work effectively on behalf of a wide variety of clients.  Our approach is always to build a strong partnership with our client and to provide them with “best in class” talent and executive search services.

Executive Recruiting – The cornerstone of The Hawkins Company’s search process is the development of a thorough and comprehensive understanding of our client’s organization and the dynamics associated with the identification, evaluation and selection of the most appropriate candidates. Our primary objective is to provide quality services with integrity, responsiveness, and personal attention to our clients’ executive vacancy, human capital management, and organizational/business needs. We measure client satisfaction by repeat business, referrals, and the performance of our placements. We are proud of the fact that over fifty percent (50%) of our search assignments come from satisfied existing clients.  Twenty-five percent (25%) of our firm’s new clients are referrals from existing clients and candidates.  Our placements have consistently met and/or exceeded client expectations and many have been promoted to higher-level positions within their organizations or recruited to other positions.

Although The Hawkins Company is a general practice executive search firm, we have developed specific expertise in the following areas:

  • Automotive and Aerospace
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Educational Institutions
  • Entertainment and Leisure time
  • Foundations
  • Healthcare and Human Services
  • Government
  • Non-Profits
  • Public and Investor Owned Utilities
  • Transportation and Transit Agencies

Diversity – Our firm has a distinguished record in the field of diversity recruiting. Our objective is always to find the best-qualified individuals. We operate on a philosophy that says: 
(1) There are qualified women and people of color for the each executive opportunity; and
 (2) It is our responsibility to produce a diverse pool of qualified candidates for our clients.
As a result of our efforts, seventy-five percent (75%) of our placements over the last three years have been women and/or people of color.

Search Process

The Hawkins Company’s well-defined search strategy rests on achieving a profound understanding of the type of leader needed to fulfill our clients’ various staffing requirements.  Our strategy requires that we hold in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and co-create with our client a detailed position description, which then forms the basis for the development of our specific search strategies.  We will review our client’s strategic plans and explore some of their closely held assumptions about the nature of the person they are seeking to recruit.  Such strategic consulting work is one of our strengths.

Project Management

At The Hawkins Company, our approach to project management is the foundation of the search process. At least two experienced search consultants are assigned to each recruitment, and consultants generally work on no more than three (3) assignments at any one time. In addition, Bill Hawkins works closely with each consultant to maximize our search coverage and engagement management.

In conducting search assignments, we utilize the following six-step process:

  1. Prior to initiating any recruitment efforts, we conduct a thorough assessment of the client and the leadership position to be filled
  2. Based on our understanding of the client’s needs and desired candidate attributes,
 we develop a comprehensive description of the position.
  3. In partnership with our client, we develop a search strategy aimed at attracting the most qualified candidates, and use a direct approach in contacting potential candidates and/or sources of potential candidates. We communicate progress to our clients on a regular basis, and keep candidates fulyl-involved of their status throughout the search.
  4. Based on the position specifications, we thoroughly evaluate all potential candidates using a variety of tools including references, self-assessment, and structured interviews.
  5. We prepare detailed reports on all candidates invited to participate in the client’s selection process and facilitate the selection, hiring and on-boarding processes.
  6. After the executive is hired, we, along with our client, evaluate our executive search services.
In addition, we offer other talent management services to enhance candidate success.

 Our success can be attributed to our ability to assist clients with all of their talent acquisition needs, including their most difficult and challenging assignments by.

  • Assessing the needs of our client and collaboratively developing the appropriate position specifications and search strategies to ensure a successful recruitment.
  • Aggressively marketing the opportunity and encourage the interest of top-level executives who might otherwise be reluctant to respond to advertisements, job announcements and internet postings.
  • Identifying and recruiting highly qualified individuals, including people of color and female candidates.
  • Independently and objectively assessing the qualifications and suitability of candidates for the particular position for which we are recruiting.
  • Applying recruitment techniques that enable us to effectively conduct search assignments in areas where we have no prior specific expertise.

The Hawkins Company Guarantee – Consistent with the standard of the executive search industry, our firm fully guarantees its work.  If the selected executive leaves our client organization within the first year, we will conduct the recruitment again for no additional professional fee.