May 2017- With the assistance of The Hawkins Company, a new Chief Trial Counsel for the State Bar of California has been named.  Steven Moawad, a Contra Costa county prosecutor has been appointed the positon, pending Senate confirmation.

James P Fox, president of the State Bar of California, remarked, “I’m pleased to welcome Steven Moawad to the Chief Trial position.  I’m confident that he will excel as California’s top prosecutor for attorney misconduct.  He has dedicated his career to public service, and will now turn his significant prosecutorial and management experience to the bar’s public protection mission of ensuring that attorney misconduct is appropriately and vigorously investigated and prosecuted.”  Moawad, who has served as the as the senior district attorney leading the the Special Operations Divisions for the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office not only prosecuted consumer and environmental protection and insurance fraud case, but was also instrumental in implementing a new case management system for the Contra Costa District Attorney, which significantly increased the efficiency of the office.

The State Bar of California is looking to establish higher, more efficient case turnaround as well as reestablish the Chief Trial Counsel’s office high esteem.  Steven Moawad was selected out of numerous candidates to take on the task. Moawad is set to begin his tenure in the next two months.