Aug 2017 – After serving as the City Manager for the City of San Luis Obispo for 7.5 years, Katie Lichtig returns to the City of Santa Monica as the Assistant City Manager/Chief Operating Officer.  The national search, led by The Hawkins Company, concluded with several competitive candidates, but according to Rick Cole, the City Manager of the City of Santa Monica, Katie was the optimum fit of the position.  Rick said, “I sought out Katie because I knew about her achievements and skills in public administration.  After a rigorous process with stiff competition, Katie rose to the top.  I am certain Katie is going to do great things in Santa Monica and I look forward to establishing a wonderful partnership with her as we create a 21st Century government.”  Katie’s duties will include managing the operations of the 11 departments and 2,300 staff at the City of Santa Monica.  After a 16-year stint working in other municipal governments, Katie is returning to the City of Santa Monica as an influential and innovative leader.  Congratulations and Welcome Back Katie!!!