Dec 2017 – Brett Byers has been promoted to Executive Vice President of The Hawkins Company.  In this new role, Ms. Byers will continue to provide executive search services to The Hawkins Company clients, and will play a more crucial role in business development,  strategic planning, and leading our recruiting teams, along with various other operations.  Ms. Byers’ tenure with The Hawkins Company began in 2010 and she has been a valuable asset.   She has been a key contributor to new city administrations with recent placements of several executive team members for the cities of Oakland, Berkeley and Santa Monica.   She has also led the expansion of the firm’s practice into the New Orleans and Detroit markets.

Bill Hawkins, the president and CEO said, “Brett is a proven leader who has the experience and the track record to prove it.  Her broad understanding of the firm, from having worked in various capacities, has made her a key asset for the senior leadership team.  The Board of Directors and I are confident that Brett will execute the firm’s strategies and provide more value to our clients.”

“I am honored to serve as the Executive Vice President for The Hawkins Company,” said Ms.  Byers. “I believe in the firm’s values and the direction that it is heading. I am committed to the strategies, team and look forward to the opportunity to drive growth and performance.”

Congratulations Brett! A well-deserved promotion for a diligent, adept visionary!